October 2016 IPSY Glambag Unboxing!


I was so thrilled to come home to a new IPSY bag!

What’s IPSY? It’s a beauty subscription service that sends you 4-5 products per month for $10. They also have a fantastic rewards program where you earn points for reviewing the products and then in turn you can redeem those points for more products!

If you are interested in IPSY, I would love if you used my referral link! 

I was super excited to see an eyeliner & an dark lip color in this bag!

Click Here to watch my unboxing video!

Have a delicious & fantastic day!


Urban Decay Electric Palette Makeup Tutorial using Fringe, Thrash & Freak!


I recently got the Urban Decay Electric Palette and I am IN LOVE!! I decided to do a tutorial on the colors I’ve been digging the most, Fringe, Thrash & Freak!

Click the picture above or here to check out the video!


Have a great day!


The Ganzfeld Experiment/ ESP Challenge!

Do you have Extrasensory Perception (ESP)? A really cool way to find out is to conduct a version of the Ganzfeld Experiment which involves two people, a sender & receiver. The receiver is placed in a mild sensory deprivation state using a red light, white noise & ping pong balls over their eyes. They then sit in this state for a period of time. At this point the sender “transmits” mentally a picture to the receiver and its the receiver’s job to then describe the picture while still in this sensory deprivation state.

Sounds pretty awesome right?

Jeff & I decided to try this ourselves for a weekend challenge and I gotta say, I was legit surprised how it turned out!! Click here to watch the video!!


September 2016 IPSY Unboxing!

Yay!! I got mine so much earlier then normal!! ipsysept2016.png

I was so thrilled to come home to a new IPSY bag!

What’s IPSY? It’s a beauty subscription service that sends you 4-5 products per month for $10. They also have a fantastic rewards program where you earn points for reviewing the products and then in turn you can redeem those points for more products!

If you are interested in IPSY, I would love if you used my referral link!

I was super excited to see a brush, dry conditioner and even a high end item in my bag!

Also, I ordered and received the Urban Decay Electric Palette and was playing with the colors before I made this video so that’s why my eyeshadow is looking a little interesting! I plan on doing a tutorial on some of the colors and maybe swatches as well!

Click here to watch my unboxing video!!

Have a delicious & fantastic day!


Influenster Nestle Splash VoxBox

WHooo!!! I got chosen for a new Voxbox!! The Nestle Splash Voxbox! I love getting things from Influenster and this was awesome!

What is Influenster? Basically it’s a product discovery platform for people like me and YOU to discover new products, write reviews, read reviews, answer questions and ask questions! It’s a great resource to use to catalog your wishlist of product must haves as well!

Here’s what was in my VoxBox which I received complimentary for testing purposes:


Also, I was having an EXTREME bad hair day, but I like to be honest and real so I let my hair be wild & free!!

Also, the lipstick I was wearing was the Urban Decay Sheer Revolution in Bittersweet. I am IN LOVE with it!!!

Click Here to watch my VoxBox unboxing & my initial thoughts on the product on Youtube!


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Had so much fun at a party this weekend. Jeff loves doing card tricks for people so we got some footage of some of the magic he did while at the party. 14124141_10153806464841156_330524795_o

I plan to upload about 1 a week, so be on the look out for some more magic shenanigans!

Click here to watch the video!!


Have a fantastic and delicious day!



What’s In My Mouth Challenge!!


Whoooo another weekend challenge!! This one was the “What’s In My Mouth Challenge” where we chose 5 items and a bonus toss up item, put a blindfold on the other person and had them guess what food we were putting in each other’s mouths!!

And yes, if you follow my videos, jalapenos made its usual appearance courtesy of my loving husband.😉

Click Here to watch the video!!


Have a delicious & amazing day!



Updates: Hypnosis Collab, Weekly Youtube Series, Weekend Challenges

Hi everyone!

Sorry to be so MIA recently. I have been very focused on Youtube and I am happy & excited to have surpassed 100 subscribers! I also have been in the process of arranging various collaborations with other youtubers.

One of the biggest and most exciting collaborations I did was with hypnotist Drew Bissonnette. You can watch part 1 of the hypnosis series we filmed here. There are 4 in total and they are scheduled to be released every Friday!

I also have been planning a fun new series that will be released every Wednesday. I am keeping the name a secret until the first episode is released this Wednesday! I hope you love it!

Oh weekend challenges. How I love you. I really do. Jeff & I will be doing a brand new weekend challenge every week for your enjoyment so keep an eye out for that every weekend and if you have ideas or things you want us to try, leave the suggestions here on this blog post or on my youtube channel, Emily Magaw.

Also, I got a new Influenster box so be on the lookout for that unboxing this weekend as well!

Check out Hypnotist Drew Bissonnette’s Youtube page!

Have a fantastic and delicious day!


Blogger Recognition Award


I was nominated recently for the Blogger Recognition Award by Karalee from Tales of Belle. I really appreciate you nominating me, I was thrilled when I saw it! This is my first award and I want to thank Karalee as well as anyone who follows me or reads my blog!


The Rules:

  1. Write a post to show your award.
  2. Thank the person that nominated you.
  3. Briefly describe your journey as a blogger.
  4. Give advice to other bloggers.
  5. Nominating the deserving ones


Blogger Journey:

I actually started this blog back in 2014 because I loved watching beauty videos and had started subscribing to Birchbox & IPSY. I wrote a few posts but ended up stopping, not 100% sure why. Fast forward to about 2 months ago when I started blogging again and uploading videos to my youtube channel Emily Magaw. I mostly started blogging and filming as a distraction from the trying to get pregnant fiasco that has been my life for over a year & a half. I will write a blog on my infertility journey at another time, but this is the reason why I started becoming more active again. Blogging & filming makes me happy. When you are trying to get pregnant, you need to find things that generate happiness, reduce stress & are fun.

Advice to Bloggers

I recommend writing blogs or filming videos if and only if it makes you happy. If you have a passion for sharing your story & life journey then by all means share, but do it first for yourself and not for other people. Also, I suggest planning ideas ahead of time so you don’t go lengths of time without posts or videos. You can pre-plan blog posts as drafts and post at a later time or schedule your videos after filming maybe 3-4 on the same day to release at different times.

Also, it’s super important to like, comment & subscribe to people who do the same for you. Keep a connection with people, we are all in this together!



I’m nominating the following amazing bloggers:


Aleeya Azimulla



Have a delicious & fantastic day!


Taste Tripping Challenge!


So it’s the weekend again which means….another weekend challenge with Jeff & Em!!

I’ve loved doing the Husband Does My Makeup Challenge, Husband Tag, & How Well Do You Know Me Challenge and was definitely ready to do another awesome one!

This one is called the Taste Tripping Challenge and it involves a pill called MBerry, which is a proclaimed “Miracle Fruit”, dissolve on your tongue which makes sour foods taste sweet.

Check out the challenge here!

Also, on the right hand side of the video there is a poll to vote for what you want our next challenge to be, I will check the results Wednesday night & we will do that challenge next Saturday!

Have a delicious & fantastic day!