Makeup and Brush Haul!

So I went shopping today for the first time in like forever. I have been meaning to pickup some new brushes because mine are due for a good cleaning and its always good to have spares! I also picked up some eye shadow duos and quads. I was so excited that I actually decided to film this “haul”! Let me know what you think! I was actually so excited that I left out one eye shadow duo, my makeup sponge wedges and a contouring brush. Oh well. It was fun to film.

Here is the link to my video!

Let me know what you think!


One thought on “Makeup and Brush Haul!

  1. Hey there! Thanks for the info on the brushes. I’m actually needing some new eye makeup ones and a contouring so it was helpful.

    I also wanted to drop by to say hi, and make sure you knew about my August Giveaway over on my blog. The prize pack is full of all kinds of goodies, and is worth $75. There are some one time tasks to earn entries plus some you can do every day. I’d love to have you enter!

    Hope all is well, and school is starting up fine for you. TTYL!


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