Petco Haul & Superstitious Craziness!

13499785_10153663389931156_603146415_o.jpgEver just have one of those days? Yeah, that was definitely today. I found out my Youtube channel had 666 views which I was like, okay, weird that it landed on that number, but I’m not superstitious or anything so no big deal.

However, crazy little things happened all day! We went to add a ton of photos off of our digital camera onto Photobucket and for some reason the memory card failed and we lost all of our pictures on the card! Then I ended up stepping on an empty storage container we had and completely destroyed it!

We had two options at this point to turn the day around, buy makeup or buy cat toys. Since my husband Jeff was also not having the best day, we decided on cat toys. We hopped in the car and drove to Petco and of course, since it’s just been a crazy day, we got lost. We finally got there and the shopping trip was super fun and invigorating. I love Petco! It definitely helped turn the day around.

Click Here to see the fun stuff we got from Petco!

Have a great day!



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