The Husband Tag 2016!


That guy who has done a few videos on my Youtube channel? Yup, he’s my hubby! We’ve known each other since 2003… when we met in geography class in 9th grade. We became friends and started talking on AOL (OMGOSH DIAL UP INTERNET!!!) over that summer. We decided to go see a movie together and I picked what I thought was a gender neutral movie..Garfield.

It’s amazing to be married to your best friend and we’ve had so many fun exciting adventures over the past decade and some change. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us in the future!

Click here to watch the video!

Leave your love story with your own husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend in the comments below, I would love to read them! Or better yet, I tag YOU to make your own significant other tag video! Let me know if you do so I can watch it!


Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “The Husband Tag 2016!

  1. Me and my boyfriend met in this Facebook group about 2 years ago. I lived in Texas and he lived in Denmark, and we added each other on snapchat first then on Facebook. About 6 months later we started dating (we never met at this time), but several months later he came to visit me for spring break then last summer I came to visit him for about a month. While I was finishing up my degree in the fall he lived with me and then I spent the past 3 months in Denmark. Now we’re staying with my parents in Texas and at the end of this summer we’re getting our own apartment in Denmark (we stayed at his mom’s apartment while I was there). So despite the distance, we made it work and we’ve been happily together for a year and a half!

    1. What a love story! That is so awesome! That is so cool that you essentially found each other from across the world and managed to cultivate your relationship despite the distance. That is so exciting to move to Denmark and get your own place! How fun! Thank you for sharing with me! πŸ™‚

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