Updates: Hypnosis Collab, Weekly Youtube Series, Weekend Challenges

Hi everyone!

Sorry to be so MIA recently. I have been very focused on Youtube and I am happy & excited to have surpassed 100 subscribers! I also have been in the process of arranging various collaborations with other youtubers.

One of the biggest and most exciting collaborations I did was with hypnotist Drew Bissonnette. You can watch part 1 of the hypnosis series we filmed here. There are 4 in total and they are scheduled to be released every Friday!

I also have been planning a fun new series that will be released every Wednesday. I am keeping the name a secret until the first episode is released this Wednesday! I hope you love it!

Oh weekend challenges. How I love you. I really do. Jeff & I will be doing a brand new weekend challenge every week for your enjoyment so keep an eye out for that every weekend and if you have ideas or things you want us to try, leave the suggestions here on this blog post or on my youtube channel, Emily Magaw.

Also, I got a new Influenster box so be on the lookout for that unboxing this weekend as well!

Check out Hypnotist Drew Bissonnette’s Youtube page!

Have a fantastic and delicious day!



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