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Urban Decay Electric Palette Makeup Tutorial using Fringe, Thrash & Freak!


I recently got the Urban Decay Electric Palette and I am IN LOVE!! I decided to do a tutorial on the colors I’ve been digging the most, Fringe, Thrash & Freak!

Click the picture above or here to check out the video!


Have a great day!



The Ganzfeld Experiment/ ESP Challenge!

Do you have Extrasensory Perception (ESP)? A really cool way to find out is to conduct a version of the Ganzfeld Experiment which involves two people, a sender & receiver. The receiver is placed in a mild sensory deprivation state using a red light, white noise & ping pong balls over their eyes. They then sit in this state for a period of time. At this point the sender “transmits” mentally a picture to the receiver and its the receiver’s job to then describe the picture while still in this sensory deprivation state.

Sounds pretty awesome right?

Jeff & I decided to try this ourselves for a weekend challenge and I gotta say, I was legit surprised how it turned out!! Click here to watch the video!!


September 2016 IPSY Unboxing!

Yay!! I got mine so much earlier then normal!! ipsysept2016.png

I was so thrilled to come home to a new IPSY bag!

What’s IPSY? It’s a beauty subscription service that sends you 4-5 products per month for $10. They also have a fantastic rewards program where you earn points for reviewing the products and then in turn you can redeem those points for more products!

If you are interested in IPSY, I would love if you used my referral link!

I was super excited to see a brush, dry conditioner and even a high end item in my bag!

Also, I ordered and received the Urban Decay Electric Palette and was playing with the colors before I made this video so that’s why my eyeshadow is looking a little interesting! I plan on doing a tutorial on some of the colors and maybe swatches as well!

Click here to watch my unboxing video!!

Have a delicious & fantastic day!


Influenster Nestle Splash VoxBox

WHooo!!! I got chosen for a new Voxbox!! The Nestle Splash Voxbox! I love getting things from Influenster and this was awesome!

What is Influenster? Basically it’s a product discovery platform for people like me and YOU to discover new products, write reviews, read reviews, answer questions and ask questions! It’s a great resource to use to catalog your wishlist of product must haves as well!

Here’s what was in my VoxBox which I received complimentary for testing purposes:


Also, I was having an EXTREME bad hair day, but I like to be honest and real so I let my hair be wild & free!!

Also, the lipstick I was wearing was the Urban Decay Sheer Revolution in Bittersweet. I am IN LOVE with it!!!

Click Here to watch my VoxBox unboxing & my initial thoughts on the product on Youtube!


Have a great day!