Influenster Nestle Splash VoxBox

WHooo!!! I got chosen for a new Voxbox!! The Nestle Splash Voxbox! I love getting things from Influenster and this was awesome!

What is Influenster? Basically it’s a product discovery platform for people like me and YOU to discover new products, write reviews, read reviews, answer questions and ask questions! It’s a great resource to use to catalog your wishlist of product must haves as well!

Here’s what was in my VoxBox which I received complimentary for testing purposes:


Also, I was having an EXTREME bad hair day, but I like to be honest and real so I let my hair be wild & free!!

Also, the lipstick I was wearing was the Urban Decay Sheer Revolution in Bittersweet. I am IN LOVE with it!!!

Click Here to watch my VoxBox unboxing & my initial thoughts on the product on Youtube!


Have a great day!




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