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Interview with Hypnotist & Mental Coach Jeff Jordan

Hey everyone!

I got the unique opportunity to do press for Philly Comics & Cosplay day this past Saturday and among the interviews I got to take part in, was one very awesome one with Hypnotist & UFC Mental Coach Jeff Jordan. I loved chatting hypnosis with him as well as his system for building confidence which you absolutely need to check out!

Click the picture to check out the interview!!



Slytherin House Pride Wizarding World Crate

Yesssss!! I was so excited to get this and I used the sweet dufflebag when I did press for a comic con this past weekend!

Relaxing Waterfall Sounds for Studying, Meditation, Sleep or White Noise

Hey everyone, how are YOU doing?

Since exams are always happening and the end of the semester is quickly approaching, I thought I would share this youtube video I made using waterfall sounds with YOU! It also works really well for meditation, sleep or white noise in general, whatever YOU might need!

It’s on my NEW hypnosis youtube channel, Hypnosis with Emily.

This channel will have a variety of videos pertaining to hypnosis and relaxation such as hypnosis demonstrations, hypnotherapy/relaxation, soothing & relaxing sound videos such as ocean waves, waterfalls etc & interviews with other hypnotists about various hypnosis topics! I can’t wait to share this passion with YOU! Have a stress free & relaxing day!

Here is the link to the video: