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Super Geek Box Unboxing! Star Wars Theme!


Super impressed with this month’s Supergeek Box! Jeff and I did an unboxing and review of the December 2016 Super Geek Box, filled with items branded with Star Wars Rogue One! Super Geek Box is a great subscription box for gamers and is a monthly geek box. It is like a monthly surprise box. Most of all it’s our favorite box of the month most of the time! Super Geek Box is a cheap subscription box as well, coming in at only $9.92 when you use the code SUPER for your first month!

Click here to watch the video!


Happy Holidays!


Cat Hypnosis FAIL… OUCH!

Soo….I’m friends with multiple hypnotists and have been hypnotized myself. I decided it was time to try being the hypnotist myself and what better way to start then to hypnotize a cat? So I volunteered Sherlock to be hypnotized…He ended up biting me instead!


Watch the video here!!


Have a great weekend!!


The Ganzfeld Experiment/ ESP Challenge!

Do you have Extrasensory Perception (ESP)? A really cool way to find out is to conduct a version of the Ganzfeld Experiment which involves two people, a sender & receiver. The receiver is placed in a mild sensory deprivation state using a red light, white noise & ping pong balls over their eyes. They then sit in this state for a period of time. At this point the sender “transmits” mentally a picture to the receiver and its the receiver’s job to then describe the picture while still in this sensory deprivation state.

Sounds pretty awesome right?

Jeff & I decided to try this ourselves for a weekend challenge and I gotta say, I was legit surprised how it turned out!! Click here to watch the video!!


Taste Tripping Challenge!


So it’s the weekend again which means….another weekend challenge with Jeff & Em!!

I’ve loved doing the Husband Does My Makeup Challenge, Husband Tag, & How Well Do You Know Me Challenge and was definitely ready to do another awesome one!

This one is called the Taste Tripping Challenge and it involves a pill called MBerry, which is a proclaimed “Miracle Fruit”, dissolve on your tongue which makes sour foods taste sweet.

Check out the challenge here!

Also, on the right hand side of the video there is a poll to vote for what you want our next challenge to be, I will check the results Wednesday night & we will do that challenge next Saturday!

Have a delicious & fantastic day!


How Well Do You Know Me Tag!


So Jeff & I had SOOO much fun making the How Well Do You Know Me Tag! Thank you so much to Fauria209 for suggesting it to us! There was ALOT of whip cream pies made and smashed, a lot of laughter, fun & of course some drama! I basically feel like I got a whip cream face mask. I expect my skin to be super soft tomorrow! πŸ™‚

Check it out here!


Have a delicious & fantastic day!


Husband Does My Makeup Tag!


Husband Does My Makeup 4th of July Edition!!

So Jeff has never really spent more then a few quick glances while I put on my makeup so I knew this was going to be an interesting experience.

Making this video was so much fun and I am actually pretty impressed he knew what a lot of things were and the general area where they went. The eyeliner was my favorite part!!

I definitely think he had the upcoming Suicide Squad movie on his mind because I could totally have him do my makeup as Harley Quinn for the movie release or as a Halloween costume using this makeup look!

It’s a little scary having a naked face on camera for the world to see but it honestly was so much fun. I would love to watch YOUR videos of your husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife doing your makeup! Post it in the comments below!

If you want to see more fun videos like this and have an idea you want us to try, let me know in the comments as well! Click Here to see the video!

For everyone in the US, have a Happy & Safe 4th of July Weekend!! If you aren’t in the US, I hope you also have a fantastic weekend! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


The Husband Tag 2016!


That guy who has done a few videos on my Youtube channel? Yup, he’s my hubby! We’ve known each other since 2003… when we met in geography class in 9th grade. We became friends and started talking on AOL (OMGOSH DIAL UP INTERNET!!!) over that summer. We decided to go see a movie together and I picked what I thought was a gender neutral movie..Garfield.

It’s amazing to be married to your best friend and we’ve had so many fun exciting adventures over the past decade and some change. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us in the future!

Click here to watch the video!

Leave your love story with your own husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend in the comments below, I would love to read them! Or better yet, I tag YOU to make your own significant other tag video! Let me know if you do so I can watch it!


Have a great day!