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Hypnosis Suggestibility Test Demonstrations with Kelly!

Hello everyone! I hope YOU are doing fantastic today. I wanted to share with YOU a video where I demonstrate the “books & balloons” and “magnetic hand” suggestibility tests. These tests are great to do to determine whether or not an audience member might be a good candidate for stage hypnosis, to demonstrate the power of the mind during street hypnosis or just to try for fun!

Remember, if a certain suggestibility test doesn’t turn out the way you intended this could be for a variety of reasons, but realize that it doesn’t mean that person can’t experience hypnosis. There might not be an adequate rapport established with the volunteer, there could be too many distractions (both interally or externally) for your volunteer to properly focus or you might not be speaking their “language” (meaning they might be more prone to auditory influence vs a visual influence etc).

Check out the video below & feel free to close your eyes and experience the tests for yourself if YOU would like!

Stress Relief Hypnosis

Hey everyone!

Stress. It sucks. Whether it be a school exam, work or a sports competition, stress always finds a way to creep in. If you are looking for some relief, look no further! I created a stress relief hypnosis video designed with YOU in mind to relieve stress, help you relax and refresh your mind so can CONQUER any task!


Interview with Hypnotist & Mental Coach Jeff Jordan

Hey everyone!

I got the unique opportunity to do press for Philly Comics & Cosplay day this past Saturday and among the interviews I got to take part in, was one very awesome one with Hypnotist & UFC Mental Coach Jeff Jordan. I loved chatting hypnosis with him as well as his system for building confidence which you absolutely need to check out!

Click the picture to check out the interview!!


Cat Hypnosis FAIL… OUCH!

Soo….I’m friends with multiple hypnotists and have been hypnotized myself. I decided it was time to try being the hypnotist myself and what better way to start then to hypnotize a cat? So I volunteered Sherlock to be hypnotized…He ended up biting me instead!


Watch the video here!!


Have a great weekend!!


Updates: Hypnosis Collab, Weekly Youtube Series, Weekend Challenges

Hi everyone!

Sorry to be so MIA recently. I have been very focused on Youtube and I am happy & excited to have surpassed 100 subscribers! I also have been in the process of arranging various collaborations with other youtubers.

One of the biggest and most exciting collaborations I did was with hypnotist Drew Bissonnette. You can watch part 1 of the hypnosis series we filmed here. There are 4 in total and they are scheduled to be released every Friday!

I also have been planning a fun new series that will be released every Wednesday. I am keeping the name a secret until the first episode is released this Wednesday! I hope you love it!

Oh weekend challenges. How I love you. I really do. Jeff & I will be doing a brand new weekend challenge every week for your enjoyment so keep an eye out for that every weekend and if you have ideas or things you want us to try, leave the suggestions here on this blog post or on my youtube channel, Emily Magaw.

Also, I got a new Influenster box so be on the lookout for that unboxing this weekend as well!

Check out Hypnotist Drew Bissonnette’s Youtube page!

Have a fantastic and delicious day!