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Crowdtap Zicam Cold Remedy Ultra Berry Lemonade Crystals!

Crowdtap is a community of motivated consumers who review products and give their honest opinions via commenting, polls, taking pictures and trying samples and then sharing them to various social media.

I got an opportunity to be apart of the Zicam Cold Remedy Campaign and try the Ultra Berry Lemonade Crystals for free from Crowdtap in exchange for my review! Zicam is awesomely able to shorten the lengths of colds which I ABSOLUTELY needed right before the holiday season! Click below to watch the video of me opening and trying the Ultra Berry Lemonade Crystals!

I hope everyone has had very Happy Holidays and continues to have an amazing New Year!



Super Geek Box Unboxing! Star Wars Theme!


Super impressed with this month’s Supergeek Box! Jeff and I did an unboxing and review of the December 2016 Super Geek Box, filled with items branded with Star Wars Rogue One! Super Geek Box is a great subscription box for gamers and is a monthly geek box. It is like a monthly surprise box. Most of all it’s our favorite box of the month most of the time! Super Geek Box is a cheap subscription box as well, coming in at only $9.92 when you use the code SUPER for your first month!

Click here to watch the video!


Happy Holidays!